Hey, how you doin’? We are Ron Richards, Josh Flanagan, and Conor Kilpatrick, and we are the hosts of Goodfellas Minute, the only podcast that analyzes the Martin Scorsese film Goodfellas one glorious minute at a time.

You might know us from iFanboy, the comic book website and podcast.

We were inspired to create our new show by our friends Pete and Alex over at Star Wars Minute. After we spent a good year and a half cursing their genius for coming up with the format, we thought to ourselves, what do we love enough to talk about every day? Well, the obvious answer was Star Wa–dammit. We couldn’t do Star Wars.

But we could do Goodfellas.

Long time listeners of our other show–the iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast (now in its 10th year!)–know that we quote Goodfellas almost as much as we quote Star Wars. Plus, Ron is Italian and Josh is Irish and Conor grew up in New York City, so put us all together and we are kind of like Henry Hill.

We talked to Pete and Alex, got their permission to use their format, and now a new episode of our show comes out every weekday, Monday through Friday. For around 15 minutes we discuss, analyze, pick apart, lavish praise upon, and makes jokes about one minute of one of the greatest gangster films of all time. Plus we delve into the real story behind the film–so there you can learn while you laugh. It’s educational…and fun. Plus, we won’t be doing it alone! We’ve already got a great line-up of special guests all ready to go.

Goodfellas is 146 minutes long so we’re in this podcasting racket for the long haul. Goodfellas Minute will run from September 2015 to April 2016.